NORFOLK, VA — CCG Systems, Inc., a producer of fleet management software and services unveils its latest version, FASTER 5.58.164 for SQL and Oracle. FASTER is used by more than 270 fleet operations in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to its software, CCG’s commitment to support services and learning resources differentiate FASTER from other systems on the market. Some of the changes available to CCG customers in FASTER v5.58.164 include:
  • More Functionality – with four new applets (Equipment Ownership, Equipment Warranty Tracking, Early/Late PM’s and Indirect Labor Editor), users can now link warranties by repair group and warranty types to track warranty cost information, outstanding warranty claims and money recovered. Additionally, users can transfer equipment from one department to another and track history for each department.
  • More User-friendly – all date fields now have a drop-down calendar so users may select a date; the Repair Type Generator now displays 20 of the most frequently used repair types; and a pushpin icon displays on the Notes tab when a note is attached to the equipment record.
  • Smarter Workflow – all prints, except the notes print, are now in HTML format with the ability to export to Microsoft Excel.
  • More Innovative Processes - at the user’s discretion, they can now set switches to define how early or late the Preventative Maintenance function will update the Equipment PM.
  • More Robust – with the Post PM Due applet totally rewritten, it now has the ability to modify an assigned date prior to scheduling. In addition, there are four new tabs available in the Tank Inventory applet making the system more seamless. For more information about FASTER product and services or to request a Demo CD, contact Allan Richardson at (800) 753-2783 or send an e-mail to
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials