NEWBURY, OH — Distribution Technologies Inc. (DistTech), a specialist in dedicated and common carriage for liquid bulk commodities, announced on January 11 that it plans to install an in-cab video system that detects vehicles traveling in the driver's "blind spot" in approximately 60 vehicles scheduled to be delivered in early 2005. DistTech will be installing the Passenger Side Blind-Zone Video System from DAWN Automotive Video Inc. The video system includes an IR (Infrared) camera that attaches to each vehicle's outside passenger-side mirror along with a dashboard-mounted in-cab monitor. The camera provides the driver with continuous motion, real-time video of the right-side blind spot – day and night. When another vehicle travels in the truck's blind spot, the system also triggers an audible alarm that alerts the driver. DistTech committed to installing the Blind-Zone Video System following a successful test of the device in several vehicles. In 2003, DistTech began testing the Driver Fatigue Monitor (DFM) marketed by Pittsburgh-based Attention Technology Inc. in eight vehicles at its Neville Island, Pa. facility. The DFM measures slow eyelid closure associated with drowsiness and sounds an audible alert if it detect that the driver is drowsy. Based on the success of the test, DistTech is currently installing more of the units in its vehicles.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials