LOS ANGELES — Two full days of press previews presented a full plate of new models to be launched at the 2005 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show. Press and, from January 7 through January 16, the public as well, were presented with 19 new models. The offerings ranged from the truly exotic, as in the $600,000 Venturi Fetish electric sports car, to the truly useful, as in the new Chevrolet Impala and HHR. GM took the occasion to flesh out the Pontiac range with the G6 coupe and convertible, as well as the Torrent SUV and the Solstice sports roadster. DaimlerChrysler went the performance route, and offered the Dodge Magnum SRT8 and the Viper Coupe, while Ford took middle ground with the Mustang convertible. Audi and Volkswagen launched new bread and butter models, while Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche kept exotic enthusiasts happy. Whether your interests run from new models for your fleet to new themes for your fantasies, the Los Angeles Auto Show had something to satisfy. Click here to view a photo slide show of some of the models showcased.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials