TORRANCE, CA — A modified version of the Toyota Prius has set a new world land-speed record for hybrid powered cars of 130.794 mph on a three-mile short course using a standard Hybrid Synergy Drive power-train — a mixture of 1.5L gasoline engine and an electric motor, according to the Web site, The vehicle will be displayed at the Detroit Motor Show this month. Toyota Motorsport's (USA) engineering group prepared the car by changing the gear ratios (4.32:1 to 3.2:1) and increasing the inverter voltage from 500 to 550 volts. A transmission cooling system was added to decrease the temperature of the inverter and electric motor to maximize efficiency. The car's interior was removed to save weight, a roll cage added for safety and the whole car lowered by five inches to improve the aerodynamics for this highly specialized record attempt.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials