PHOENIX, AZ — During a two-week period, retailer personnel from across the U.S. trekked to the Volvo Arizona Proving Ground (APG) in Phoenix to experience the new 2005 Volvo XC90 V-8, the company announced on December 20. The VCNA “Powered for Life” launch training served as the kick-off for the launch of the new flagship – and more than 1,300 participants in all had the opportunity to test the capabilities of Volvo Cars' first-ever production V-8 engine. The participants put the XC90 V-8 through its paces and, in turn, they themselves were put to the test to demonstrate their newfound knowledge. Using wireless “tablet” PC learning tools – a first for VCNA Organizational Development – every participant completed a rigorous certification exam at the completion of the training. Perfect scores were awarded to 263 people. Leif Settergren, VCNA manager of product launch training and drive events, noted how this new interactive technology enhanced the learning process, “The tablet PCs added a new dimension of involvement and excitement for the participants. We are proud that VCNA is among the industry leaders in utilizing this advanced training methodology.” In addition to attending classroom sessions in a climate-controlled tent located adjacent to the Route 66 course, participants flexed the V-8's horsepower on the high-speed oval, and also tapped the new AWD to traverse the challenges of “Coyote Trail,” APG's torturous off-road circuit. A specially designed 40-percent-grade hill climb – a new addition to the off-road circuit – was constructed especially for the training, and will remain as a permanent APG asset. APG was an ideal venue to showcase the competitive advantages of the new Volvo flagship. Bruce Olds, VCNA's manager of Organizational Development, was excited to be able to partner with APG for this important launch. “We could not have imagined a more perfect – or exciting – place to conduct this training,” said Olds. “Our retailer personnel were thrilled not only by driving this new Volvo, but also by being able to visit this very special VCC facility.” At the closing night's dinner meeting, Leif Settergren shared a glimpse of "things to come" with each wave of participants. In addition to viewing video of the futuristic Volvo “3CC” concept car, they had the chance to see, for the first time, images of the forthcoming “P15.”

Originally posted on Fleet Financials