SUNNYVALE, CA — EZ Lube Inc., a Southern California-based fast oil change company, announced on December 20 that it is making waiting time productive by providing free, secure wireless guest access for its customers at each of its 53 locations. The installation, based on SonicWALL technology, is representative of a growing trend among service organizations of all kinds to remain competitive by offering wireless connectivity as an added-value feature. EZ Lube has created a secure distributed network using TZW Series wireless security appliances from SonicWALL, Inc., a provider of integrated security, productivity, and mobility solutions, connecting each of its locations via secure VPN to a SonicWALL PRO series gateway at its Santa Ana headquarters. Each appliance provides guest wireless services for waiting customers and also securely connects EZ Lube's wireless handheld point-of- service (POS) devices, which are used for customer greeting and billing at the branches. The SonicWALL devices provide wireless security for each location and, despite the numerous barriers, walls and metal flooring plates that are integral to every site, deliver excellent signal strength. This is an important factor both for customers using the wireless services and in rolling out EZ Lube's 802.11 handheld-based customer greeting system.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials