AUBURN HILLS, MI – On November 15, Automotive News interviewed Chrysler Group´s George Murphy, senior vice president - Global Marketing, regarding the company´s product offensive. Murphy said, “The next step in sustaining the momentum created from our nine models launched in 12 months will be emphasizing what is so great about the vehicles and hitting harder on product features.” On the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum, he commented that the buzz about those two vehicles has really helped get the word out about Chrysler Group´s rear-wheel-drive vehicles. Test-drives are drawing customers to the showrooms. Murphy said that at the New York Auto Show, a half-million people tested Jeep capabilities on an off-road course. Those names were collected electronically and the company matched Jeep sales to that list. The incremental sales were estimated between 15 and 20 percent, because of the direct contact with the vehicles and their capabilities. "We´ve gotten away from communicating the benefits and strengths of our products to selling the deal" over the last couple years, said Murphy. "We´re now talking about the product and trying to price our vehicles a lot more aggressively in the marketplace so we don´t rely on incentives. Get people thinking more about what they are buying as opposed to how much did they pay."

Originally posted on Fleet Financials