The national average price-per-gallon for diesel fuel fell again Nov. 15, to $2.132 from last week’s average of $2.163, according to the U.S. Energy Information Service, as reported by Land Line magazine. Despite the decrease, the average price of diesel fuel in all U.S. regions remained above the $2 mark. The highest prices in the nation continue to be in California, where the price currently averages $2.336 per gallon, and in the West Coast region, where the price stands at $2.274. Meanwhile, in New England, the average price is $2.268; in the Central Atlantic, the price is $2.262; on the East Coast, the price is $2.159; it’s $2.105 in the Lower Atlantic states; $2.096 in the Midwest; $2.056 in the Gulf Coast states; and $2.215 in the Rocky Mountain states. News sources reported an increase in the worldwide supplies when an expected cold spell in the U.S. Northeast didn’t develop as expected. In the meantime, output reportedly revived in the Gulf of Mexico, where daily production is still about 13 percent below normal levels but significantly higher than a month ago.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials