International Truck and Engine Corporation customers and dealers describe the new CF Series trucks as a car-like ride, responsive, with agile maneuvering. The International CF Series features the new International. VT 275 V6 diesel engine and a high-strength, low-alloy steel frame with 34-inch-wide frame rails, taper-leaf suspension and standard front-and-rear shock absorbers. It is available in two models: the International. CF 500 model that targets the Class 4 market with a 16,000-lb. GVW rating, and the International. CF 600 model for the Class 5 market with a 19,500-lb. GVW rating. International will also soon announce an integrated truck body program that enables fast delivery of a turn-key truck body solution. The International CF Series chassis complements a wide range of body types and equipment for use in such vocations as pickup and delivery, utility, recovery, landscaping and construction. International CF Series models also offer an optional transmission with power take-off (PTO) capability to operate specialized body equipment. International has nearly 900 service locations in the U.S. and Canada with an extensive domestic parts network offering replacement parts. The CF Series trucks begin production in early 2005.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials