When EarthSearch Communications (ESC) launches AutoSearch this month in the US, the company said on November 1, the focus will be on insurers, commercial fleets and the automotive industry. After successful tests and pacts with automakers and telecommunications companies in South America, EarthSearch will approach the U.S. insurance industry with a program that offers their GPS product AutoSearch at no cost. In earlier attempts to use GPS technology for determining a usage-based rating system, by monitoring a driver's driving behavior then gauging risk, some auto insurance industry pioneers of the system found that their use of GPS technology failed due to "prohibitive costs, complex production and device installation..." According to EarthSearch, it plans to eliminate those barriers by facilitating a program that allows insurers to promote the installation of the AutoSearch device free of charge to its customers with the acceptance of a monthly service charge to be paid by the insured. The AutoSearch installation process takes 45 minutes for those cars not already equipped with the technology. AutoSearch can be customized to access information such as diagnostics, speeding, and vehicle location through the Internet, by phone or PDA. Stolen vehicles can be remotely disabled for recovery. AutoSearch can be manipulated to meet the demands of small and large fleets, individual use, in addition to other equipment and personal assets such as boats. EarthSearch will be the first in the U.S. to offer the 3D Geo Fencing technology. 3D Geo Fencing provides the shortest theft detection radius on the market today--10-feet in any direction-up, down, backwards and forward. Other features offered by AutoSearch include vehicle route tracking, navigation capabilities, panic buttons for emergency support, remote alarm devices that detect unauthorized drivers and disconnect batteries, real-time start/stop logging, and mileage and hour counters to monitor engine use.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials