Announcements made on November 4 by Michael Hockett, CEO of Auction Broadcasting Company (ABC), LLC of Indianapolis, IN and by Raymond Nichols, CEO of BSC America Companies of Bel Air, MD, confirmed that an entity owned by Auction Broadcasting Company is acquiring the Fort Pierce Auto Auction located in Fort Pierce, FL from BSC America. BSC, which acquired the auto auction in 1994, opened a new facility located at 400 N. Rock Road, Fort Pierce, FL in August of 2003. ABC will establish their new auction facility at that location and has renamed it ABC Southeast Florida. The announcements made today by the CEOs for the two auction firms facilitate strategic decisions that enable both companies to serve their respective growing markets. BSC America owns and operates four other wholesale auto auctions, located in Bel Air, MD; New Orleans, LA; Tallahassee, FL; and a Damaged Vehicle Auction and Marshalling Center in Edgewood, MD. In addition, BSC America is actively involved with several other operating businesses, including financial services offered by Banking Services Corp with lending services for vehicle dealers, and specialized insurance services for lenders and leasing companies offered by Lee and Mason of Maryland. Other BSC business company interests include asset management and liquidation, commercial real estate holdings and land development.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials