DaimlerChrysler announced on October 22 that Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) plans to use a fuel cell powered F-Cell vehicle at its facility to further the development and experience with fuel cell vehicles and the hydrogen infrastructure. This announcement coincides with the opening of the BP and Praxair public hydrogen fueling station at LAX. As part of its commitment to have 100 fuel cell vehicles in 2004, DaimlerChrysler has over 40 fuel cell vehicles in customer hands around the world. DaimlerChrysler supports Governor Schwarzenegger's efforts and goals. By operating this vehicle in California, LAX will provide DaimlerChrysler and its partners with valuable feedback that will affect future vehicle design. This fueling station bears the commitment of the cooperative efforts to build a much needed hydrogen infrastructure. Based on a Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the F-Cell is a reflection of DaimlerChrysler's fuel cell technology. The entire fuel cell system is housed in the floor, leaving full use of the passenger and cargo spaces. It has a range of approximately 100 miles and a top speed of about 85 mph. The vehicle LAX plans to use will be one of 60 Mercedes-Benz F-Cells in the DaimlerChrysler fuel cell vehicle armada. The fleet is diverse, and in addition to several research vehicles, it also includes three medium-duty fuel cell Dodge Sprinter vans and 33 Mercedes-Benz Citaro fuel cell buses are operated in Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia and Singapore. Already, over 40 of these vehicles are in use by customers today.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials