The availability of specially designed multi-temperature refrigerated food service truck bodies that provide logistical distribution efficiency for packaged fresh, frozen and dry product from the same vehicle, was announced on October 18 by Johnson Truck Bodies. Center Partition System bodies can be designed to handle up to three different temperature zones, each with positive temperature control. The separate temperature-controlled compartments are created by movable or fixed insulated panels that divide the truck body longitudinally. Half-width horizontal insulated bulkheads are used to partition off the lanes created by the panels. Lanes are wide enough to accommodate pallet loading/unloading of product. Horizontal bulkhead systems can be permanent or portable, both styles available with access doors. Portable models are available in a wide variety of models including solid, hinged, two-piece and track-mounted versions. Available body options to customize the vehicle to meet distributors requirements include:
  • Recessed logistic track
  • Recessed refrigeration lines
  • Cartload applications
  • Walk-up ramps
  • Shelving
  • Swing and rear roll-up doors
  • Multiple side doors
  • Specialty bumpers
  • All major liftgate options Johnson multiple-temp and compartment food service truck bodies are available in six to 26-ft. body lengths.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials