The National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI) announced on October 8 that it has issued a challenge to America’s corporations with driving fleets, with the anticipated outcome of safer streets, better educated drivers, and dramatic cost savings for employers. The NTSI’s Safer Driver Challenge is a new online program that presents the company’s time-honored curriculum in a reality-based format, empowering those who drive as part of their employment to recognize how their attitudes and values impact their behavior. “On the average, employers are shelling out $24,000 per non-injury crash, $128,000 per injury crash, and over $3 million per fatality,” said Paul Hallums, President of NTSI. “Motor vehicle crashes are an avoidable part of doing business,” he continued, “and numerous studies have shown that by emphasizing driver responsibility and an ownership attitude about safety, needless deaths and disabilities can be prevented.” The new program, which includes six interactive modules, is built around case files that students are presented by a fictitious law enforcement officer. The case files challenge students to determine the root cause of a collision using advanced technologies to maximize adult learning. Students are exposed to collision scene photographs, intersection diagrams, and other evidence, and use this information to re-enact the collision. The program assists students in recognizing how the collision could have been prevented by taking into account each their unique values and attitudes about driving. At the conclusion of the program, a process that takes approximately one hour, a customized report of findings is printed out for each student to review. The NTSI’s program addresses the leading factors of fatal crashes including running off the road or failure to stay in the proper lane; driving over the speed limit or too fast for conditions; use of seat belts; driver inattention; driver drowsiness; and driver drinking.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials