Automotive Resources International (ARI) announced that it recently enhanced its on-line client reporting system, ACCESS with a feature that allows users to view images pertaining to an accident claim, such as Accident Reports, Police Reports, and Claims Photos. ARI clients can view, print and e-mail these documents as needed. This feature ensures access to information that allows immediate decision-making, while eliminating the delay resulting from calling in requests for such documentation. The new enhancement is another process improvement in ARI’s Accident Management & Subrogation Services program. Designed for companies that either self-insure fleet damage (collision, comprehensive, and fire & theft) on their owned or leased vehicles or companies that currently pay a premium for this coverage, the ARI program is designed to handle the repair process, while keeping ARI clients’ employees on the road and productive. ARI also initiates the subrogation process and pursues recovery of the repair costs.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials