A new “no-step” ramp-access shuttle from Glaval Bus and Workhorse Custom Chassis has expanded travel opportunities for the elderly and disabled. The 28-passenger demonstration model has been touring the country for the last month and a half. Last week it is on display at the BusCon Medium & Light-Duty Bus Show Tuesday to Thursday at Chicago’s Navy Pier. “This bus is going to make wheelchair lifts obsolete,” said Doug Wright, director of sales for Glaval Bus. “We’ve had a great response to it and I think it is going to change the way a lot of bus operators transport passengers.” Called the Easy On, the new bus from Glaval Bus is the latest development in a trend toward low-floor buses designed to meet the needs of an aging population by making it easier to board and exit. Glaval Bus is one of the first manufacturers to take advantage of a new low-floor chassis specifically developed by Workhorse for the mid-sized bus market. This is the first time a chassis manufacturer has designed a low-floor platform for this niche. The platform matches or is lower than the floor height of any other mid-sized bus chassis, and its kneeling option takes it even lower. This low ramp access adds a great degree of safety as well as convenience in transporting passengers. For those in wheelchairs, the low-floor bus means the driver does not have to get out and assist with getting passengers on or off a lift. Passengers can avoid the embarrassment of the extra attention and the bus route can operate more efficiently. The specialized Workhorse chassis design uses front-wheel drive, which eliminates the drive shaft, and a customized suspension system, which allows the bus to ride closer to the ground while providing excellent passenger comfort. The chassis has a 19,000 lb. GVWR and is powered by a 6.6L Duramax diesel engine with 210 horsepower at 3,100 rpm and 520 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,800 rpm. The engine is coupled to an Allison®1000 Series transmission. The Easy On bus comes in two lengths, 26’ 3” and 30’ 1”. The ground-to-step ride height of the bus is only 10”, or 8“ with the kneeling option, which brings it close to the standard curb height of 6 to 8 inches. Models seat up to 28 passengers.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials