A marketing guru and sessions on changes in Ohio law, lessor funding, and how lessors can avoid being taken through ID theft make up the program for the 48th Year Fall Leasing Conference being hosted by the Ohio Vehicle Leasing Association (OVLA) on Thursday, Oct. 21, at the Holiday Inn-West, Columbus. National Vehicle Leasing Association President Rob Roger, the owner-president of Vanguard Lease Co., Dallas, will speak during the morning session. A roundtable discussion on lessor funding also is included on the program. The OVLA Education & Program Committee Chair Mark VanNest, CVLE, OCLC, owner of MotorWerks Inc., Dayton, Ohio, said Andy Havens, a cofounder of Sanestorm Marketing in Columbus, had interviewed members so he could tailor his remarks at a mini-workshop to lessors. Havens has more than 15 years experience as a marketing consultant and has been deeply involved in all aspects of strategic marketing planning, communications, brand building, marketing/sales training and many types of business writing. The firm specializes in working with professional companies. Havens is also an adjunct professor of marketing and advertising at the Columbus College of Art and Design, a lecturer on marketing and creativity topics and a corporate trainer and is currently working on a book, “SANE Marketing Strategies. VanNest said that because of a high number of sales and use tax questions poised in recent months to the OVLA office because of past and future changes in Ohio sales and used tax law, including the Streamline Sales Tax Agreement (SSTA), Supervisor Timothy Sachs of the Ohio Tax Department’s Sales and Use Tax Division, had agreed to speak. The SSTA is an initiative by several states, including Ohio, to improve the collection of sales and use taxes on millions of dollars of sales made by mail order, 800-numbers and, increasingly, the Internet. It will impact vehicle leasing. VanNest said that because of the potential for lessors to be financially harmed through ID theft, OVLA sought an expert, Michele A. Shuster of the Columbus law firm of Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter Co., L.P.A., which specializes in business law. One of her specialties is working with businesses on consumer problems. Three speakers from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will detail changes in title, registration, and dealer law.

  • Chief Robert Posey of BMV’s Vehicle Title Section will discuss changes in Ohio’s odometer law, VIN verification, transfer of vehicle ownership to a dealer without a physical title, and changes in lienholder procedures — all the result of H.B. 230, effective Sept. 16. He also will provide an update on electronic titling, a provision of H.B. 59 that will be operational by the end of 2005 and will report on National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) established by Congress in 1992 to electronically verify the validity of certificates of title.
  • Assistant Chief Rachel A. Eaton of BMV’s Vehicle Registration Section will explain vehicle registration changes coming as a result of H.B. 95 that impact rental and lease fleets.
  • Chief Jeffrey Coleman of BMV’s Dealer Licensing Section will detail changes in the temporary tag law, changes in dealer licensing law, changes in salesperson law, changes in salvage dealer law, and legalization of remote service facilities.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials