Sterling Truck Corporation announced that it has developed the truck manufacturing industry's first interactive electronic body builder program - the Sterling Body Builder Guide. The Web-based program features interactive graphics, allowing the user to custom build L-Line trucks by adding and/or removing individual components on the cab and chassis and view the entire truck as it's being built. The tool, available to Sterling dealers and body builders, will make customization, ordering, and the entire body building process quicker, with less room for error. The Sterling Body Builder Guide shows the placement and dimensions of each component and produces a detailed printable graphic with all of the specs necessary for body builders. For optimum viewing, a choice of four different truck angles - top, front, rear, and driver's side - also is available. To build trucks that will best meet customers' needs, the program was designed to be functional and user-friendly for both the novice and experienced body builder. Keeping the future in mind, the Sterling Body Builder Guide also was built for an expansion of capabilities and for important changes that will affect truck configurations. The guide provides the option to download precise component measurements and complete chassis configurations to improve integration between the manufacturer and body builder.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials