DriveCam Video Systems, a developer of safety technology that improves driving behavior, appointed Bruce Moeller as president and CEO. Moeller succeeds Ed Andrew, who will remain as a member of the board of directors. Moeller brings experience in developing creative business strategies, applying Internet-based solutions, accelerating new product launches, and developing successful partnerships. He previously served as president of the Information Management Products Group (IMPG) at Bell & Howell Company. Under his direction, IMPG became Bell & Howell’s top growth business and the market share leader. Most recently, he was chief marketing officer for EMNS Inc., a provider of supply chain quality management services. Moeller is also the author of Oh Behave!, a book on reinforcing successful behaviors to build cultures and improve productivity within businesses. His past experience includes senior management positions at CultureWorx, Inc, a subsidiary of Carlson Marketing Group, where he developed web-based software that encourages desired employee behavior and improves profitability for Fortune 500 businesses. “DriveCam is poised to revolutionize the way fleets manage their most important assets, drivers and vehicles. When I realized the impact it is having on the safety and profitability of fleets, I wanted to be a part of it,” said Moeller. “I look forward to working with customers and the DriveCam team to strengthen the company’s operations to meet the growing demand for its products and services.” The DriveCam Driving Feedback System prevents accidents by recording actual driving incidents and changing driving behavior. DriveCam recordings also provide proof in the case of an accident, prevent fraudulent claims, capture contributory negligence, and create real-life training scenarios. Fleets using DriveCam claim to have reduced collisions by up to 70 percent.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials