Auction Broadcasting Company (ABC) recently acquired a new auction facility, on the north side of Atlanta, in Cartersville, Georgia. ABC Atlanta, formerly Red Top Auto Auction, is ABC's first auction in Georgia. "This is a new auction - opening less than a year ago, so the facility is spotless," said Bob Rauschenberg, ABC vice-president. "It's also a wonderful location, 45 minutes north of the Atlanta airport right on Interstate 75, so it facilitates easy access to the auction itself." “ABC is impressed with more than the facility itself.” Rauschenberg continues, "We are retaining the entire employee roster to work at ABC Atlanta. Wallace Sanford, one of Red Top Auto Auction's founders, will also remain with ABC Atlanta to help develop the already growing business." ABC Atlanta joins the company's seven other sites: ABC Detroit/Toledo, ABC Indianapolis, ABC Minneapolis, ABC Nashville, ABC South Tampa, ABC Washington/Dulles, and ABC West Michigan.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials