Fifth Wheel Management Company, founded in the summer of 2003 specializes in a variety of services for car fleet management in Russia. Fifth Wheel Management is now concentrating its activities in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and also providing remote support to Russian regions. Later in 2004, it plans to open an office in Kiev, Ukraine. In addition, Fifth Wheel Management has partnered with Fleet Logistics to provide fleet management services in Russia. Among its services, Fifth Wheel Management provides coordination with external suppliers, leasing and insurance companies, highway police and respective authorities, gas and oil stations and networks, maintenance and repair, etc. The range of services is enabled by:

1) An "in-plant" fleet manager, who is the first level of support to car users of a client.
2) An operational department, which takes care of suppliers relations and current fleet maintenance data.
3) An analytical department, which collects market/clients data and makes recommendations for fleet environment improvements.
4) Fifth Wheel Management’s relations with the growing car fleet community.
5) Fifth Wheel Management’s software supporting both day-to-day monitoring of fleet and fleet-related expenses.

“The company offers individual practical solutions for each client company's fleet. Thus, any combination of the above services is possible, let alone full scope support,” says Igor Tot of Fifth Wheel Management." Management and operational staff of Fifth Wheel Management have many years of international experience. This enables us to deliver services of the highest international standards in accordance with global outsourcing trends. We communicate outsourcing of car fleet management as one of the key opportunities to cut clients costs non-related to core business and to find the best solutions with our assistance,” added Tot.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials