FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc., based in Fern Park, Fla., announced on July 28 a new partnership with Aereon Solutions of Newtown, Pa. FleetBoss is partnering with Aereon Solutions to offer new service automation hardware and software for a company’s total business operations. Service automation uses mobile computing to eliminate paperwork, execute real-time dispatch, provide field-based customer service and much more. In conjunction with Aereon, FleetBoss offers FieldMaster Pro, a service automation solution. FieldMaster Pro provides mobile workers with instant, real-time access to:

1. CRM Files
2. Customer Service Records
3. Driving Directions
4. Equipment History
5. Service/Maintenance Checklists
6. Parts Lists & Printing Information
7. Customer Signature Capture
8. Field-Based Printing

Originally posted on Fleet Financials