Ford Motor Co. reportedly will add anti-rollover technology to its Explorer and three other sport utility vehicle for the 2005 model year, according to a story on the Just-Auto Web site on July 23, sourced from the Associated Press. According to the report, Ford it is putting a new stability system in all versions of the 2005 Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer, Lincoln Aviator, and the Lincoln Navigator — it will be optional on the 2005 Ford Expedition. Developed by Ford and supplier Continental Teves, the technology will also be available as optional equipment on the 2005 Ford Expedition full-size SUV. Called roll stability control (RSC), the system reacts automatically when a vehicle begins to tilt. It seeks to right the vehicle by automatically slowing the engine and gently activating the brakes, the AP report said, adding that Ford has sold more than five million Explorers since the vehicle was introduced in 1990.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials