PHH Arval announced several enhancements to its online driver-ordering tool designed to streamline the vehicle ordering process and increase productivity:

  • Ability for driver to choose from upfitting options: Fleet drivers can now make upfitting choices online, if the company’s selector includes upfitting. Drivers have direct access to detailed vehicle selectors, which are controlled by the client’s fleet policy, and PHH’s ordering tool ensures vehicle and upfitting compatibility.
  • Increased approval routing capabilities: Once drivers have selected their vehicles, PHH’s online ordering tool automates the routing of orders for approval based on the client’s policies. Multiple online approvals can be accommodated – a new capability that dramatically decreases turnaround time on vehicle orders.
  • Proactive status updates. After drivers have placed their online orders, PHH automatically e-mails them information about their vehicle status throughout the ordering process. In addition, drivers can access this information via their PDAs.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials