FleetWave, the web-based fleet management software from Chevin Fleet Solutions now includes a Web-based ‘Driver Portal.’ Chevin Fleet Solutions, a developer of fleet management software, launched its Internet-based fleet management solution, FleetWave, in 2001. Since then, development has continued and new features are regularly added. FleetWave’s new Driver Portal holds a series of forms or tools allowing users (mainly drivers) outside the fleet department to submit data and gain controlled access to FleetWave. This capability pushes the data entry aspect away from the fleet department offing the following additional features.

The expenses, fuel and mileage claim module is an online form for submitting driver’s expenses, fuel and mileage. This module can be further configured to allow individual trip to be recorded. Further controls can be extended to include user definable time limits insuring that driver data is entered by a certain date.

Using the vehicle builder tool module, a fleet manager can define parameters or vehicle selectors for certain vehicles for each job grade. Vehicle specification details can be imported from external sources allowing for real-time vehicle builds. An authorized driver can ‘build’ his new company vehicle (make, model, specification), submit it to management for approval then forward it to the fleet department for ordering. The order can be tracked throughout the delivery process and display to system users on a real-time basis the current delivery status. If the fleet department is looking to dispose of its vehicles in a cost effective manner, online auction module allows employees to submit bids for internal vehicle sales. Vehicle information, history and even photographs can be included. If desired, external access can also be given to outside sources such as dealers or auction houses. An online accident claim form with ability to add images, scanned documents, etc. which once submitted into FleetWave, can be sent electronically to insurance and accident management companies. The Driver Portal was originally designed for El Paso Field Services, part of El Paso Corporation – a provider of natural gas services. The company’s drivers log onto FleetWave and automatically have their current vehicle assignments displayed, then simply enter their monthly car usage. Because the drivers are based over a wide geographical area, with FleetWave they only require an Internet connection to access the system to update their records.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials