Connell Oil of Pasco, WA, announced on July 9 that it has chosen Satellite Security Systems (S3), a global provider of asset security and logistics control, to provide its GlobalGuard and FleetGuard systems to secure and monitor its fleet of fuel and oil tankers. FleetGuard is a desktop application that works with GlobalGuard to view, command, and control each vehicle in an entire fleet at once. GlobalGuard is a security communications system, based on ReFLEX technology and Global Positioning System (GPS), providing up-to-the-minute vehicle location and control of fixed and mobile assets. In addition to providing business and operational mechanisms for its clients, the S3 solution continuously provides security analysis for possible Homeland Security concerns where a fully loaded tanker truck could be used as a terrorist weapon. Previously, Connell Oil relied solely on two-way radio for dispatching and coordination. With GlobalGuard, Connell Oil can monitor the exact times when drivers are pumping oil and refilling, and the precise location of the entire fleet. Connell Oil Company operates throughout eastern Washington and serves hundreds of commercial, industrial, and residential accounts along with state agencies including the Department of Energy.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials