Founder and former CEO of @Road, Rodric (Rod) C. Fan joined with @Road co-founder E. David Mleczko on July 7, to announce a family of advanced mobile data products from their new venture — GenX Mobile Incorporated (GMI) located in San Jose, California. GMI's focus is to supply both mobile resource management (MRM) and mobile security industries with intelligent in-vehicle devices and technologies. This is the first product announcement from GMI. "From our previous venture, we have created the momentum for the MRM service industry and witnessed the wide adoption of mobile enterprise applications. Product innovation continues to drive other evolving technologies such as mobile computing, and the MRM industry is no different," said Fan, president and CEO of GMI. "An intelligent wireless location device is required in each vehicle to interact, collect and deliver field operating information to the MRM service provider. MRM service providers must continue to adopt in-vehicle technology that helps their target customers to maximize field efficiency and mobility. Co-founder Mleczko, CTO and vice president of GMI added, "Our GNX-10 product, is aimed at providing the industry with a means for wireless data communication. We take advantage of popular RS-232 and Ethernet ports for connectivity in the vehicle and GPS for location management. The Ethernet port allows field workers to easily connect laptop computers, PDAs and other Ethernet compatible equipment.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials