International Truck and Engine Corporation announced on June 30 that the Power Stroke Diesel engine this year will celebrate its 10th anniversary. This “decade of power” is a milestone not only for the engine designed and manufactured by International Truck and Engine Corporation, but also for the popularity of diesel power overall. As ramp-up begins for the ’05 model year Ford Super Duty trucks, which will be introduced in mid-2004, so does anticipation of the 10th full model year of the engine. This August 4-8, Power Stroke diesel owners will drive their trucks to Indianapolis, home of the Power Stroke diesel engine, for a national truck rally celebrating Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks, Excursion SUVs, E-Series vans and the Power Stroke diesel engine by International. The highlight of the “Power Fest” rally will be a 10th anniversary tailgating party on August 6 before the namesake Power Stroke Diesel 200 NASCAR Craftsman Truck series race.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials