@Road, a provider of mobile resource management (MRM) services, announced on June 28 the availability of the company's newest mobile data integration application, @Road Mobile Enterprise Access (MEA). The @Road MEA service is designed to streamline customers' business processes by improving field force data communications with the enterprise. Developed for use on JAVA and GPS-enabled handsets, @Road MEA lets companies of all sizes access back-office applications from the field, such as customer relationship management (CRM), inventory control and scheduling databases, as well as integrate real-time location-based data directly into these same systems. @Road MEA gives mobile workers using @Road GeoManager Pocket Edition services the ability to automatically:

  • view contract relationship information.
  • access customer information.
  • enter field notes after customer visits.
  • access part numbers, pricing or invoices.
  • view supply chain status.
  • schedule orders or update transactions from the field.

    "Access to real-time location-based data is critical to effectively managing mobile resources," said Krish Panu, CEO and president of @Road. “@Road MEA can bridge the gap between the corporate environment and field activities, which facilitates productivity in the field within enterprise-level business processes." @Road MEA is the latest addition to the suite of Integrated Data Services offered by @Road which includes:

  • @Road MEA - Allows workers to access back-office application data and collect data from the field with mobile phones.
  • @Road DirectData - Continuously delivers location-based @Road data directly to third-party databases and applications.
  • @Road APIs - Enables customers to query @Road databases and integrate the data with third-party applications.
  • @Road TCP Connect - Enables workers in the field to wirelessly connect PCs, PDAs and other mobile devices to corporate networks.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials