DaimlerChrysler, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and United Parcel Service (UPS) have partnered to put fuel cell technology on the road in a real business world situation, according to the SolarAccess Web site. UPS uses an F-Cell fuel cell vehicle, based on a Mercedes-Benz A-Class and powered by a Ballard fuel cell, on daily express-delivery routes in southeast Michigan. "It's been a great experience, and I love telling my customers that their package was delivered with zero emissions," UPS driver Charmaine Farrell said. Farrell's vehicle is fueled at a hydrogen station at the EPA National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory. The program enables organizations to gain operational experience with a fuel cell fleet vehicle and hydrogen re-fueling station. Substantial data in fuel economy has already been gathered from the test, which started in February 2004.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials