GE Commercial Finance, Fleet Services has introduced a comprehensive safety and accident services program. This umbrella of safety, prevention, and accident services products is Fleet Services' new Safety Select product. Safety Select is comprised of a driver safety program, new motor vehicle record products, and an accident services product. "It is essential to view safety, accident prevention and accident services as a whole as opposed to individual programs and services," said Anna Durham, general manager maintenance and safety services for GE Commercial Finance, Fleet Services. "Because motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of work related deaths and injuries, we believe approaching safety and accidents from an overall perspective is important to help keep our customers' drivers safe." Safety Select integrates Fleet Services' accident prevention and safety program with CEI's risk and safety services, to offer customers a comprehensive motor vehicle record (MVR) collection and analysis product. Both MVR and mvrPlus offer a Web-based solution to manage the collection of authorization forms necessary to obtain MVRs from a state. The program also manages the process of obtaining, standardizing scoring, and storing of reports on driver MVRs to give fleet managers a way to assess potentially risky drivers. In addition, mvrPlus takes both MVR and historical accident information to provide a complete risk analysis of drivers and can automatically send remedial training to drivers who fall into pre-defined "at-risk" categories.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials