National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) Executive Director Dave Lefever has advised the Board of Trustees that he would like to retire in the spring of 2005. "My health, and my recent close call with death, have prompted me and my wife Sandy to do some strategic planning of our own," Lefever said. "This advance notice will give me time to focus on NAFA's highest-priority goals and also give NAFA plenty of time to thoughtfully make plans for selecting your next executive director." The trustees appointed a selection committee to work with Lefever and the Board. The selection committee will develop an updated job description, criteria for evaluating candidates, and a step-by-step selection process. When the committee is ready to accept applications, the position will be widely advertised and listed in NAFA's FleetFocus newsletter. Lefever continues his responsibilities at NAFA while planning for future retirement in Maine. He began his NAFA employment on March 15, 1985.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials