The typical truck equipment distributor has nearly $4.8 million in annual sales and 23.5 employees, according to Volume I of the recently released 2004 National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Distributor Employee Compensation Report. Featuring information about compensation levels and benefit programs, the report provides detailed analyses of base salary and bonus levels for executive/management staff as well as compensation levels for employee positions and benefits packages by sales volume, regional differentials and line of business. Truck equipment distributors can use the report to gauge the competitiveness of their compensation packages. The information also helps companies prove their compensation packages are reasonable within the constraints of the Internal Revenue Code. Volume II of the report is a CD-ROM featuring the data of approximately 2,000 firms from more than 30 other trade associations, making this the largest cross-industry compensation study ever conducted. Participants have received the report at no charge. It is available to nonparticipating NTEA members for $100; nonmembers may purchase a copy for $200.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials