Networkcar, a Reynolds and Reynolds company, announced on June 2 that its Networkfleet system can now be used on all classes of fleet vehicles. Originally designed for OBD II light vehicles, Networkfleet is now compatible with virtually all cars manufactured since 1996 and trucks manufactured since 1988. This includes Class 1-3 passenger cars and light-duty trucks, Class 4-6 medium-duty trucks and Class 7-8 heavy-duty trucks. Networkfleet reports detailed automotive information directly from a vehicle's engine computer and location-based information from a global positioning system (GPS). Fleets can remotely access this information in the form of immediate e-mail alerts, summary reports or easy-to-read Web pages. Remote access to vehicle location allows fleet managers to more effectively track and route vehicles, eliminate unauthorized usage and lower fuel and overtime costs. Networkcar’s patented diagnostic information is a tool that allows fleet managers to identify problems at an early stage and take a more aggressive approach to maintenance. The results are increased fleet vehicle uptime and decreased operating costs. By getting immediate access to Networkcar vehicle speed reports, idle time data and fuel efficiency trends, fleet managers can improve driver behavior and vehicle condition and lower costs associated with accidents, poor driving habits and less than optimal maintenance regimes.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials