LoJack Corp. announced an anti-terrorism program in which the company will offer discounted rates on its stolen vehicle recovery systems to companies whose fleets haul hazardous materials. The program, which was announced here at the National Cargo Security Council’s 2004 Annual Conference, was developed in light of the June 1 event involving two propane tankers that were originally feared to be stolen for terrorist purposes, but later found to have no connection to terrorism. The program is available immediately to hazardous materials companies or licensed carriers of hazardous materials (based on SIC code). The exact configuration and suitability of the LoJack solution will depend on the customer application. Eligible customers will receive priority installation within 48 hours of their order. According to Kathy Kelleher, LoJack national sales manager, Commercial Division, “We designed this program to incent eligible companies to equip their vehicles with a powerful tracking and recovery tool that can help in the event of terrorist-based theft.” The program is appropriate for trucking companies that are hauling hazardous materials within areas where the LoJack system is operable, which includes 22 states coast-to-coast and the District of Columbia, representing the areas with the greatest population density, highest number of new vehicle sales and incidents of vehicle theft. The LoJack system is radio-frequency-based, which means that its signals can be tracked whether the vehicle is on the open road, in a concrete garage, under dense foliage or in a steel container. The company does not involve “intermediaries” at call centers who could interfere with the recovery process or accidentally “tip off” the driver that he/she is being tracked. Rather, LoJack systems place recovery directly in the hands of law enforcement officers, which expedites vehicle recovery.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials