Across the country, new cameras are rolling on drivers, catching everything that happens at the wheel. It's like an airplane's black box recorder, but this particular camera from a firm called DriveCam is in vans and trucks across North Texas, watching when something goes wrong, according to a report on WFAA-TV on May 20. Park 'n Fly invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to put DriveCam on 70 vans at Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport and across the country, with more still to come. "It's helped reduce accidents (and) minimize false claims," said Park 'n Fly's Melissa Trifiro. "It saves wear and tear on the vehicle, and reduces the fuel expense because of the driver's heightened awareness." The system records video and sound in a digital loop, but it's only saved when there's some sort of aggressive maneuver. "Heavy braking, a collision, anything like that," said Rescue Rooter fleet manager Jodie Deegan. Deegan gets an e-mail at his office in Dallas with a digital clip of any incident involving his drivers. "In the first year that we brought this program online, it reduced our vehicle accidents by 66 percent," Deegan said.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials