Wheels, Inc. announced the availability of its truck upfitting application, which allows commercial fleet managers to add equipment options and other special features when ordering vehicles online. The upfitting tool is a new component of FleetView, Wheels’ online fleet management tool that allows fleet managers to accomplish a variety of tasks online, ranging from analyzing expenses to reviewing maintenance records and examining driver profiles. The upfitting application allows fleet managers to customize their commercial vehicles by choosing a single equipment package or groups of packages unique to their fleet, including equipment such as decals, toolboxes, ladder racks, van interiors, and service bodies. The application also allows fleet managers the flexibility to further modify the order, for example changing the phone number that appears on a decal. Wheels’ new upfitting application:

  • Eliminates the need to create new templates for each vehicle/equipment option combination.
  • Includes new screens that list upfitting options for a particular vehicle.
  • Allows users to select stand-alone components or component groups unique to them.
  • Includes detailed information on equipment, such as component costs and images.
  • Helps ensure the accuracy of orders.
  • Significantly decreases the order cycle.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials