A 33-year-old fleet manager with Kaiser Permanente was discovered dead, severely beaten, inside his Oakland townhouse early on May 24, according to the Tri-Valley Herald newspaper. Neighbors said Simon Richardson had moved with his wife to their townhouse about two years ago. The couple later separated and Richardson had taken in a roommate, they said in the newspaper report. A police spokesperson said the roommate called police about 2:33 a.m. after finding Richardson's body inside. Oakland police said they have made no arrests. An autopsy has not yet been performed, but the coroner said it was possible Richardson's body had been there about a day or so before police were called, according to the Tri-Valley Herald newspaper article. Coworkers were stunned by the news at Kaiser's Northern California regional offices in Oakland, where Richardson had worked since 1997 as a fleet coordinator overseeing the company's trucks and pool cars, said spokesman Rick Malaspina.

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