First Data’s merger with Concord EFS provides fuel, cash, and payroll services to the trucking industry through the newly acquired EFS Transportation Services. EFS Transportation Services, a subsidiary of First Data and a new member of the Western Union family of businesses, is an electronic commerce provider and a fuel card provider, offering fuel, cash and payroll management to long-haul trucking companies. EFS offers a variety of products and services that provide convenience to the long-haul trucking industry:

  • Universal Fuel and Payroll Offering: EFS offers a single card for fuel purchases, as well as driver payroll. This allows a driver to access payroll funds through ATMs, cash advance, PIN based debit or simply have them deposited into a hometown bank account.
  • Owner/Operator Fuel Card: This program offers trucking companies a way to make funds available electronically to independent contractors. Settlement funds are placed on a card that can be used to purchase fuel, meals or make pin-based debit purchases. Additionally, owner operators can access funds through ATM machines or pay bills through the Transcheck paper check product.
  • Online Fuel Management Services: EFS provides a comprehensive, Web-based fuel management service that, each time a card is swiped, analyzes a fleet’s fueling data. This system helps determine if a more intelligent purchase could have been made based on price and similar location. This analysis allows businesses to create a cost-sensitive fuel network for their fleets by advising the fleet of lower-priced fuel locations.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials