In addition to its auction channel, GE Commercial Finance - Fleet Services announced in May the introduction of an online remarketing channel designed specifically for the used heavy truck and specialty asset market. GE Fleet Services partnered with Asset Appraisal Services to offer this remarketing option to Fleet Services’ customers to facilitate selling their heavy truck and specialty units direct to dealers. According to GE Fleet Services, fleets that have large trucks and specialty assets this product makes connecting these assets with specialized resale markets easier and more cost-effective. Customers avoid the cost and the inconvenience of having the assets picked up by using onsite inspections along with comprehensive condition reports to market their assets online to the site’s database of screened specialty asset dealers. According to GE Fleet Services, pilot customers experienced higher net returns for their assets sold through this new channel. “These types of assets are usually a challenge to remarket, both from a cost and a logistics perspective,” explains Brian Wright, general manager vehicle life management for GE Commercial Finance - Fleet Services. “This is a new way to sell these assets through a channel that is easy for customers to use and can bring them greater net returns.”

Originally posted on Fleet Financials