The Huntington Beach City Council approved a contract to accept the donation of 17 trucks to the beach city’s fleet. In return, Nissan will get exposure at a beach that draws nine million visitors per year, reported the Huntington Beach Independent newspaper. The trucks, worth more than $450,000, will be used for marine safety, beach maintenance, and parking and camping operations, and will replace the 20 vehicles that Chevrolet donated for 12 years, until its partnership with the city ended last fall. Since then, lifeguards and other beach officials have been using rental cars and city vehicles, which make up about half the original fleet, reported the Independent. When the city’s partnership with Chevrolet ended, officials contacted Jeep, Ford, Mitsubishi, and Nissan, and only the latter was willing to make a deal. In return for the trucks, Nissan will get free city advertising, the right to display its trademark on signs at city beach events, at various beach locations, and at all city-sponsored beach activities.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials