The National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) released the Fleet Cost Allocation Guide on May 5. Automotive fleet managers who need to establish an efficient accounting and charge-back system now have a reference tool to help them effectively manage their fleet services. A team of fleet managers and fleet consultants developed this fleet financial "how to" guide that applies to vehicles including leased commercial sedans, government and utility vehicles, and over-the-road trucks, both domestic and international. It is built on the concept that all fleet expenses should be known and accounted for, regardless of where they appear in the organization's budget. The guide explores ways to assign these expenses to the customers who consume fleet materials and services and, where appropriate, recommends best practices. In October 2002, NAFA surveyed 300 members to obtain descriptive benchmark data on accounting and charge-back methods currently in use by NAFA fleet managers. The Fleet Cost Allocation Guide includes an entire section of benchmark survey results that can be used to gauge an organization's performance and implement best practices. The Fleet Cost Allocation Guide is available to NAFA members and non-members at NAFA's online store at Prices are $209 U.S./ $273 Cdn. for members, $269 U.S./$351 Cdn. for non-members. (Prices do not include $8 shipping and handling fee or 7 percent Canadian GST.)

Originally posted on Fleet Financials