New technology will soon help drivers across the state of Nebraska avoid traffic tie-ups, according to a report in the Associated Press on April 28. As part of a larger $40 million plan to be carried out over the next six years, sensors will be placed under the pavement and mounted alongside Interstate 80 to monitor traffic volume and speed. That information will be brought to drivers on electronic message boards along the highway. Nine of the signs are up and running in the Omaha area. Nine more will soon be installed in other parts of the state and an additional 25 signs will appear on Interstate 80 within the next two years. Travelers also will be able to monitor traffic by viewing color-coded maps on the Internet illustrating the pace on the highway. The Internet also will offer real-time images of traffic caught by approximately 100 highway cameras that will be installed across Nebraska over the next 18 months. The cameras will be placed statewide on I-80 and portions of other highways, including Interstate 680 and Interstate 480 in Omaha.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials