Thwarting car thieves in Mexico can be as easy as G-P-S. That’s because Guidepoint Systems (GPS), a vehicle tracking and convenience system that uses global positioning satellites (GPS) is proving efficient for recovering stolen vehicles, the company announced on April 26. In the past eight weeks, Guidepoint has helped Mexican authorities recover four stolen vehicles in a matter of hours or, some cases, minutes. The value of the vehicles and contents recovered is nearly $800,000, according to reports. Guidepoint’s recent recovery of a pickup truck in Guadalajara is a prime example of the system’s efficiency. When the owner noticed that his Chevy pickup was missing at around 9:30 a.m., he called Guidepoint’s 24/7 call center to report the theft. Guidepoint was able to locate the truck using its GPS tracking system and assist Mexican authorities by giving them the exact location of the stolen pick-up. By 9:45 a.m., police arrested the suspect and recovered the truck – less than 15 minutes after the reported theft. This is the fourth time in eight weeks that Guidepoint has used its GPS technology to recover a stolen vehicle in Mexico. In February, Guidepoint helped a logistics firm recover a stolen truck loaded with Nestle’s foods. In March, Guidepoint worked with Mexican authorities to recover a hijacked truck carrying 10 tons of Colgate-Palmolive products, including soap, toothpaste and other household items. In both cases, Mexican authorities were able to locate the stolen vehicle and arrest the suspects within hours. All the hijacked merchandise was recovered and the drivers were unharmed.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials