MRO Software, a provider of asset management solutions, announced April 15 the company's expanded support for the transportation industry with the formation and initial meeting of the MRO Software Transportation Advisory Council. The Transportation Advisory Council is composed of experts from across the transportation market including customer and industry representatives. Founding members include: Dr. Joseph Sussman, professor of transportation, MIT; Roger Boldt, of Roger Boldt Consulting; Dr. John Miller, of Barchan Associates; and customers Robin Cody, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART); Charles Pyetzki, Maryland Department of Transportation; Dale Goby, Detroit Public Schools; and Dr. Ad de Blaaij, BAM Rail, Netherlands. Co-chairing the council will be MRO Software's Ted Williams, executive vice president, sales, and Johan Arts, vice president industry marketing at MRO Software. The Transportation Advisory Council examines issues and topics of interest in a variety of transportation categories including vehicle, rail, bus and aviation. While each segment has unique challenges, MRO Software's MAXIMO Transportation solution provides management of a variety of transportation assets and systems. The council will establish working groups to evaluate product development specifications required to address the unique strategic asset management needs of the transportation market. The council will also work to become an information source for other transportation leaders. The working groups will also provide feedback and best practices to optimize the MAXIMO platform for effective asset management in the transportation industry. MRO Software currently provides asset management solutions for more than 125 fleet customers and 50 rail and transit customers.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials