The California Air Resources Board (CARB) will update its alternative-fuel regulations, according to Octane Week. Speaking at a workshop in Sacramento, Calif. in mid-April, staff engineer Leslie Crowell said the rules would be updated to address the growing impetus behind hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and that the changes regarding hydrogen will center on definitions, stations, and throughput. Crowell said the fuels are necessary to achieve the emissions benefits associated with alternative-fuel vehicles. The new provisions will help ensure that alternative fuels are publicly available to motorists. The regulations require owners and lessors of retail gasoline stations to equip some number of their stations to dispense a particular alternative clean fuel. The new requirement is triggered when 20,000 or more vehicles are certified in California to a low-emission vehicle standard using the fuel. At that point, the number of required clean fuel outlets will be determined.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials