Boulevard Brewery, a regional specialty brewer of beer with a network of 55 distributors in 10 states, outsourced its fleet to Enterprise Fleet Services, according to the Kansas City Star newspaper. Started in 1989, Boulevard Brewery sells close to 50 percent of its annual production within a 100-mile radius of Kansas City. It has 57 full-time employees. Boulevard Brewery originally distributed its own product. In 1995, the company switched to using wholesale distributors who in turn sold Boulevard products to retailers. As the brewery expanded its reach to a 10-state area, the company said that it became clear that it had to either hire a full-time fleet manager or outsource this task, according to the Kansas City Star article. Rather than bring on another employee to manage its car fleet in house, Boulevard decided to outsource the service with Enterprise Fleet Services through its Kansas City offices. After the first year with Enterprise, Boulevard added other services including a maintenance management program and a fuel program in which a card is issued to the driver of a leased vehicle and it can be used at any gas station.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials