Golden Logic, Inc. announced on March 31 the introduction of a free Internet-based solution for managing fleets of vehicles. It is called FleetAssets. "Our business model is based on driving advertising revenue, not user fees," says Dave Nosker, CEO. Golden Logic believes that by rapidly expanding its customer base, it can provide value to advertisers with related products and services. What differentiates FleetAssets from other fleet management solutions is that it does not require any installation on a company's computers. In addition, it consumes none of their Information Systems resources. The solution is totally Web-based and all company employees can have access from their location, or anywhere in the world, simply by using their Web browser. FleetAssets has modules for vehicles, drivers, accidents, company policies, and end-user reporting. The system is also proactive, sending an email message to alert users when maintenance or renewals are due. FleetAssets is absolutely free, with no user obligations.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials