Networkcar, a Reynolds and Reynolds company, announced on April 6 that MAXIMUS, a developer of fleet management software solutions, will be a reseller of Networkcar’s fleet product. MAXIMUS serves nearly 500 fleet organizations and manages approximately four million vehicles with its various fleet management solutions. MAXIMUS will offer Networkcar’s in-vehicle location and performance monitoring system to their current customers as an option to help them eliminate manual processes, streamline maintenance and improve driver efficiency. Networkcar's in-vehicle system collects and organizes detailed automotive information directly from a vehicle's engine computer and location-based information from a global positioning system (GPS) device. Information is transmitted wirelessly to an information center where it is made available to fleet managers in the form of e-mail alerts, summary e-mail reports or Web pages. Networkcar’s technology is compatible with virtually all cars and light trucks manufactured since 1996 and heavy trucks manufactured since 1988. Customers who purchase Networkcar’s system also receive secure access to Networkcar’s online fleet management application where they can review their fleet’s location-based information and operating statistics, such as speed and detailed diagnostics.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials