According to an article in CollisionWeek magazine, motorists want their vehicle to assume control of their driving when they are distracted or drowsy. Parents want vehicle permission settings so they can monitor the driving habits of their teenage drivers. They also want alarms that notify them if an infant is inadvertently left in an unattended vehicle. These and other safety related needs were common across all new car and truck owners participating in 48 focus group sessions conducted by the RDA Group, a marketing research firm in Detroit. Jim Thomas, senior vice president for Product Development at the RDA Group, said, "When we launched the Auto-Ideation study, we didn't anticipate that safety related needs would surpass other needs related to driver comfort and convenience." Many of the 1,800 unmet motorists' needs are safety related, others identify the need for interior customization, real time traffic information, glare and blind spot reduction, better food and beverage management in vehicles, cabin temperature maintenance, and snow/ice removal from vehicles.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials